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Improve Your Looks and Mindfulness By Doing These Simple Things

Improve Mindfulness

Mindfulness, it is a lovely concept, but like everything else we try to benefit our brains and bodies, it takes time and effort. However, it is a sure fire way to alleviate mental stress and anxiety by bringing emotions into focus so you can experience and deal with them. As in the beauty world, we love a quick fix and are particularly susceptible to purchasing things that promise to be a holy grail of beauty and attractiveness like a magical potion or a wonder garment. However, in reality, these heavily marketed items can put more of a strain on your finances than a spring in your step.

Fortunately, many of the most effective ways to boost your appearance are not the things you buy or wear and most importantly they cost little or nothing. However, they are not completely free, they do require habitual consciousness which will enhance your look and mindfulness.

Here are some simple ways to improve how you look and feel.


Getting dressed is only half the way down the lane to looking good. Adjusting your posture not only transforms the way a garment drapes on you but also affects the emotional response of people around you. A recent research says that slightest shifts in posture can alter your apparent emotion and indicates that happiness and anger are heavily communicated through posture alone. Good posture makes you look taller, thinner, healthier and more confident but there are more reasons to stand up straight. However, good posture does not come naturally for most of us, it needs to be mastered. Carefully align yourself in the mirror, head over your shoulders, lining up your ears, shoulder and hips, pull the belly in and ensure the lower back is slightly curved. With time, you will be able to effortlessly stand up straight.


We all know that fresh fruits and veggies are good for us, but did you know that they are underrated beauty products. Eating more fruits and vegetables increases red and yellow skin tones as well as they are one of the most powerful defences against skin ageing. Skin reflects inner health and degrees of ageing, so do the things to keep your skin looking healthy as healthy is always appealing. It is not just fruits and vegetables that give your skin a healthy glow, you can combine cosmetic treatments like IPL photofacial to give it a visual boost. This treatment method uses an intense pulsed light to reduce facial lines, redness, eczema, pigmentation by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin within the skin resulting in a youthful appearance. The aesthetic devices used for cosmetic treatment is TGA/FDA approved and is safe on the skin and affordable.


They say that smiling often reduces stress and you are never fully dressed without a smile. However, there are some days you don’t feel like beaming, but a forced smile can too help increase happiness, lower stress levels and diminish pain. The way we feel and radiate emotions go beyond our brain and is not only reflected buy our bodies but also induced by them. For instance, if you have laugh lines around the eyes and mouth that keeps you from smiling, then they can be rectified by a Botox or with skin rejuvenation treatment so that you can feel confident about yourself and smile often.

The above-mentioned are some simple ways to improve your looks and feel confident.

How Mindfulness Makes Your Life Better


Mindfulness means being aware of feelings, thoughts, body sensations and the surrounding environment. It also involves acceptance and what is the right or wrong way to feel or think at a given moment. Mindfulness helps to tune our thoughts into what we are sensing in the present moment rather than thinking the past or imagining the future.

Being mindful is great for your health and wellbeing but few of us know it how it can make our life much better. Here are few reasons.

  • Better Person

Studies reveal that mindfulness changes your brain. Those who meditate to clear up their minds are less likely to have knee-jerk reactions and are more flexible to handle life’s difficult situations and make better decisions.

  • Less Stressed

Being mindful teaches us to live in the present moment rather than thinking of the past or worrying about future. It helps us live each moment and pay attention to the thoughts, feelings and body without judging. So, worrying less means you will be less stressed and able to live life to the fullest.

  • Have Better Memory

The practice of being in the moment helps your mind wander less which produces greater focus and information intake. Being mindful helps us learn and remember better as mind develops better memory capacity.

  • Have Better Relationships

Mindfulness helps you better understand emotions and what triggered them, thus allowing you to be less destructive to others and yourself. This means choosing supportive friends or partner or being more harmonious in your current relationship. This will also help you treat yourself better as you will be more connected to your own actions.

  • Get Less Sick & Enjoy Life

Studies show that being mindful helps to build stronger immunity and has positive effects on blood pressure. If all the vital signs are good, the body will be stronger and able to fight illnesses with ease and you will be doing what you love, instead of sniffing in the bed.

So, these are few of the reasons why being mindful makes your life better.